Far Away Cows -
A Book About Cows, Engineers & Research Into
Parkinson's Disease (Rev. 2013)
into Parkinson's Disease, from a most unlikely source. It is a
true account   of how the book's author - a senior engineer and
researcher - became involved in a research project into the
disease, and how he came to have a greater understanding of
the human condition associated with the disease and the
research into it. The book provides a unique perspective into a
widespread and debilitating illness and provides interesting
reading for those who have the Disease or who have family or
friends coping with it. Once you've read the book, you will come
to understand what cows, engineers and research into
Parkinson's Disease all have in common. And you'll enjoy the

The book is available in both print form and Kindle electronic
format.  Click on the book cover image to go to the relevant
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